One of our areas of expertise is working with AONBs and Local Action Groups to develop highly customised database solutions for that target market.

Powerful Features

  • Project life cycle tracking from application to completionlag-screens
  • Track Claims, Claim Reminders
  • Address & Contact Details for all Applicants, Appraisers
  • Dashboard / Traffic Light Reporting for Critical Projects
  • Calculate Outputs
  • Track Beneficiaries by Age & Ethnicity
  • Automate complex quarterly reports
  • Action Items

Integration Options

  • Full Document Management solution, integration with Word & Email
  • Option to Interface with external databases
  • Export to Excel

Attractive Pricing & Licensing

  • Bespoke software on a budget
  • No Individual Licensing Restrictions

Training & Assistance

  • Assistance migrating your Excel data to Projects database, no data entry
  • Full training & user guide offered
  • Telephone Support, based in Dorset