Bespoke System Development

We develop systems and databases using a number of different technologies / platforms:

  • Applications developed for a Microsoft Platform using a variety of Microsoft Technologies (Visual Basic, IIS & Active Server Pages, SQL Server)
  • We have a number of customers using Microsoft Access, for which we have provided both development and consultancy.
  • We can integrate your custom solution with a wide range of other software packages including Microsoft Word & Excel, Outlook, Sage, MailChimp, Evernote and even your Phone System.
  • PICK(Reality) application and database development.Developing with Reality has always been a fast and easy way to develop real world applications, but with the latest versions allowing easy integration with both Windows and the Web, Reality is here to stay. Check out the Northgate website for more info.

Bespoke business intelligence systems give companies a competitive advantage. The collection, analysis and structuring of your business data leads to better decision making. We have extensive experience and knowledge of designing and deploying cost effective software solutions.