WBCRM Customer Management

crmBecause we speak to a wide range of businesses in Dorset we often find business owners telling us they can’t find the right CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system to fit their requirements.

Off the shelf packages are available to suit a range of budgets. And they are usually a good fit for some of what you want to do but what about those key features which they just don’t cater for?

That’s where bespoke CRM comes in. Our CRM product is built on a set of core modules with additional features tailored precisely to match your business requirements.

Other advantages of bespoke:

  • Structure and layout will be tailored precisely to match your business
  • Option to integrate with your preferred/existing tools & services (e.g. Website/Email Marketing/Outlook/Accounts Software/Phone System)
  • Ongoing adaptations can be made fairly easily at a later date
  • No “overwhelming” screens with dozens of unused options, and no steep learning curve
  • We import your existing data
  • Personal relationship & knowledgeable support from the software vendor